For a Representative You Can Be Proud Of– I’ll Help Bring Good Jobs but I Need Your Help Now

For a Representative You Can Be Proud Of– I’ll Help Bring Good Jobs but I Need Your Help Now

The Campbell family roots are deep in western Iowa.  Our family history in the district goes back to 1880 when my great-great grandfather established a family farm near Manning, Iowa.  I’m a sixth generation Iowan and graduated from Manning High School and Morningside College in the district before obtaining law degrees from the University of Iowa and Georgetown University.

I’m running for office because we deserve better leadership in Western Iowa.  Our current representative votes frequently against legislation that would positively impact the middle class, seniors, veterans and rural interests and is not effective in Washington DC.  He’s never written a bill that’s become law since being elected in 2002.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it.  There are three issues in this race, and they are jobs, jobs and jobs.  Good jobs that help keep our communities vibrant and strong.  I’m in this race to help bring needed jobs to western Iowa. I’m the former regional lead of a four-state region at the 10th largest accounting firm in the country and have the business background and know-how to help revitalize rural America.

I know working families, and I know many are hurting. As part of my economic development plan for Western Iowa, I advocate that the Congressional office work with regional economic development groups to annually identify the 5th District’s 50 fastest-growing businesses to retain and attract working families in western Iowa.  I propose calling it Iowa’s 5th District FastTech 50.  This effort and other initiatives we’ll discuss in the campaign will spur more economic development in Iowa cities and rural towns.  I care deeply about western Iowa and will work every day as your next U.S. Congressman to fight for working families.

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