Economic Development (GOOD JOBS)

Economic Development (GOOD JOBS)

There is no better social program than a good job.  I advocate that the Congressional office work with regional economic development groups to annually identify the 5th District’s 50 fastest-growing businesses to retain and attract young working families in Western Iowa.  Collectively, this will spur more economic development in Iowa cities and rural towns.

Next I will champion using stimulus dollars and existing loan-guarantee programs to work with good corporate partners and innovative entrepreneurs to build new manufacturing plants in Western Iowa–building new high-tech manufacturing plants in Western Iowa.  We’ll create immediate shovel-ready jobs in building the new high-tech manufacturing plants and then once the new plants are built they will create new manufacturing jobs.  It’s a win-win for our communities, businesses and working families.

Together we will champion our renewable energy economy through increased energy production from biomass and wind.  I will create a Congressional liaison in the Iowa’s 5th district leadership that will work side-by-side with community leaders and myself to increase revenue streams in our communities through increased energy production from biomass and wind.  We have seen just the beginning of what Iowa can do with renewable energy production and we must preserve gains made and make strides forward to improve our local economies for the betterment of us all.

Helpful links for businesses and entrepreneurs include:

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